About this platform

In parallel to the offline activities conducted to set up collectively the MLG Charter, Strategic Design Scenarios set-up with the Committee of the Regions an online platform to trace the co-design steps of the MLG Charter and support the enlargement of the collaborative process.

This platform titled is composed of the following sections:

The blog-like section allows to report the work-in-progress in a journalistic way. Main purpose is to trace the activities, allow distant participants and followers to keep in touch and to report back on the lessons learn on both the methodology and the design in progress of the charter.

A Story-telling catalogue present the growing collection of situation imagined by the participants to the co-design process of the MLG Charter. This Story-telling exercise present fictive usages and applications of the MLG Charter. Its primary aim in the methodology is to explore the multiple usage of the Charter. It also constitutes a stimulating catalogue of stimulating cases that, even if they are fictions, shows a large panorama of situations, contexts, interactions between stakeholders where the MLG Charter plays a determinant role. Therefore they already constitute a useful collective projection to stimulate usage of the Charter and beyond, of the dissemination of the Multilevel Governance.

A collaborative online writing tool has been also tested with participants using sync.in in order to facilitate further steps of writing of the core texts of the Charter among a range of co-authors.

A section presents the background and context of the collaborative process of the Multilevel Governance Charter initiated by the Committee of the Regions. The platform is also providing the legal notices and disclaimers concerning privacy and use of images and videos of the participants during all the different steps of the process.

It is important to remind readers that the information and views set out in this website are those of the author(s) and do not necessarily reflect the official opinion of the European Union. The opinions expressed by occasional contributors / bloggers to the online forum express only their authors’ personal opinion.

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