“We are pleased to present to you the 4 short video trailers for the SPREAD scenarios.
A few words of introduction before you watch them:
– we produced 4 little ‘video bullets’ giving the ‘spirit’ of each of each of the SPREAD scenarios as a short snapshot. The idea is to use them as teaser to induce people to read the complete scenario and the scenario report;
– SPREAD project focused on lifestyles and our main concept was to show ‘bits-of-dailylife’ putting in front people’s lifestyles and letting their ways of living and the scenarios characteristics emerged in the background…
– the movies are based on the 20 scenarios visualizations we already produced. One of these is used as background for the actors filmed on blue key and the other 4 visualizations are recalled by the participants in their dialogues;
– the result is 4 intro movies to be seen as teaser of each scenario. A mix of a short version of all 4 movies as one stand-alone movie presenting SPREAD scenarios all together could also be imagined. A mix of selected elements from each of the 4 scenarios could show some aspects across SPREAD sustainable lifestyles (food, education, leisure, housing) … to be discussed!
– we used the same couple of actors to insist on the differences between the 4 scenarios, each time trying to pick-up an emblematic everyday story”

The scenario describes a society based on community life at city and regional scales. Lifestyles evolve from the bottom-up reorganization of the society, build on many local experimentations, on emerging co-operative structures, the use of shared collective spaces, collaboration and mutual help solutions between people.

The proposed core story for the movie clip is focusing on a household whose family life is not limited to the house they live in but extended to their entire close neighbourhood. They access at a walking distance nearly all what they need for their daily living both in terms of infrastructures and social support form their community. The movie is based on a walk across the neighbourhood…


The scenario describes a lifestyle where IT and virtual reality is very present enabling feedback controls, self-creation, social networks, assisted training, shared services, e-participation to local governance, etc… The material life is important but always mediated by virtual reality.

The proposed core story for the movie clip is focusing on a family that moves and readapts to the new neighbourhood through the different virtual reality tools and services their life is based on. Their motivation to move is to live closer to a new job. They are not bounded to a particular house or place. They attach more importance to a get a walkable life and they keep anyway a level of digital life that can go on anywhere…


The scenario describes a society entirely (re)organized on a local basis. Lifestyles are mostly influenced by the work community structure organized in guilds: people are focused on the guild they work in. This is where happen much of their social and personal life. They share resources with their guild neighbours. Global scale still exists but seems far away. Other guilds are like different communities. Local is beautiful…

The proposed core story for the movie clip is focusing on a family that evolves between guilds visiting other communities, meeting partners, moving to settle in another guild… It shows the social diversity of guilds at a local scale, the focus on work that structures the daily living at a local scale… One member of the family is browsing her photo album and talking about her life…


In the scenario, all society is striving towards sustainability. People are engaged into a competition in learning and achieving self-mastery in order to become more sustainable. Success is based on knowledge and material, daily living is managed and constantly optimized by premium eco-technology…

The proposed core story for the movie clip is focusing on a young couple involved in this competition and striving to reach always-higher level of mastership. They are discussing about having their first child and how this is going to change their lifestyle…