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This is a future scenario* to show how the charter can create a shift in how Multi-level governance (MLG) is applied in Europe. It has been developed during the “Engagement Interviews”,  (Brussels – 03-04/2012).

* The following story is a fiction imagined during the co-creation process and does not engage the public authorities or stakeholders eventually mentioned.


Henri Kohl, Legal advisor for European affairs in (Luxemburg)

Normally organised on national levels, is the emergency service for ambulance, however fire brigades are organized locally. The Rescue Services in Luxemburg are joining forces through leveraging the MLG Charter to work in partnership on both ambulance and fire emergencies. By working together and using the same website infrastructure and organization the emergency services offered to the citizens will be better run and more investment made into improving the service. The MLG facilitator has been mediating a conversation between the local and national levels to innovate ways to make best use of the current resources and capabilities of each level of government. The outcome is to achieve one service with co-direction between local and national levels. The national level sees the local level as a good partner because they have the connections to the people ‘on the ground’ as well as being a good investor.

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