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This is a future scenario* to show how the charter can create a shift in how Multi-level governance (MLG) is applied in Europe. It has been developed during the “Engagement Interviews”,  (Brussels – 03-04/2012).

* The following story is a fiction imagined during the co-creation process and does not engage the public authorities or stakeholders eventually mentioned.


Mikal Spiteri, Senior Policy Advisor (Malta)

In the context of Malta the Multi-level Governance (MLG) Charter has been utilised to ensure there is a 40% allocation of funds to the five regions in Malta. This transition will occur by having training programs set up with in the Maltese  government to ensure there is strong dialogue occurring between local, regional and national governments on how the budget is being spent. The training will occur for internal government employees who will act as facilitators within the government to ensure all of the transactions are being handled efficiently. As well as the implementation and evaluation of projects which spend the regional budgets. Currently only 10% of the funds has been allocated to the regions, and the other 90% of the 880 million is being spent on a national level. Sustainable development will be a major task for the regional spend of their allocated budgets.

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