Scenario > a forecast exercise to prepare the implementation of the MLG Charter

This is a future scenario* to show how the charter can create a shift in how Multi-level governance (MLG) is applied in Europe. It has been developed during the “Emulation Workshop” organized at the CoR  (Brussels – 3/02/2012).


Laure Lartigues, managing director of a society specialized in foresight (Grenoble, France)

Mrs Lartigues, managing director of a society specialized in foresight, has been invited by the City of Lyon to start a new local forecast study aiming to mobilize the actors of the Grand Lyon Metropole around a project of development for the 30 years coming. Aware of the fact that the actors need to mobilize around such an ambitious project far beyond only administration of the City of Lyon. There is an opportunity to involve a number of local administrations related to the city (neighbouring cities, department district, universities, state representation in the region, etc.), Mrs Lartigues decided to centre her project on the idea of a vertical and horizontal collaboration between all the actors concerned, through the proposition of a final collaboration pact around the identified objectives.In order to stimulate the interest of the actors to involved, she decided to propose to the City a foresight exercise which will enable the implementation and actualization of the multi-level governance charter principles in a 30 years perspective.

* The following story is a fiction imagined during the co-creation process and does not engage the public authorities or stakeholders eventually mentioned.
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