Scenario > MLG Charter as a basis to set up territorial cooperation

This is a future scenario* to show how the charter can create a shift in how Multi-level governance (MLG) is applied in Europe. It has been developed during the “Emulation Workshop” organized at the CoR  (Brussels – 3/02/2012).

* The following story is a fiction imagined during the co-creation process and does not engage the public authorities or stakeholders eventually mentioned.


Branislav Dovocicz, 42 Marshall of W. Region, border Poland-Ukraine.

“My region, represented in the EU CoR, has signed the MLG Charter and obtained a label for good governance in 2013. This helped me in convincing my national government to get some autonomy in launching a territorial cooperation agreement with my neighbourhood region from Ukraine. Indeed, the two national governments have some open issues (immigration, energy access, fighting corruption, accession to the EU) which were not helping in facilitating bilateral cooperation at the national level. Having my region received funds from the ENP and Cohesion fund, we thought to use it to start up a trans-border cooperation: with our surprise the national government refused to allocate resources for our project due to sensitive dossiers still open between the two governments.”.

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