TESR timeline


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The TESR timeline is the result of a participative process where each project leader (of the 9 operations) as well as the TESR coordinators identified the most significant events, actions and projects that impacted the development of their operations and the TESR itself. The timeline is featuring the 9 operations of development as well as significant dates/events for sustainable development at an international/national level and at a regional one. The period shown by the timeline is starting from the 1990s to 2014 and later. A first workshop was organised to gather the first inputs (picture 1 below) and was followed by a long process of detailing/illustrating each date/event of the timeline. The final timeline was displayed for the first time (picture 2 below) during the 3rd “Assises de la Transformation Ecologique et Sociale” on the 4th of October 2013. The timeline was then open for people’s contributions. Participants could add extra dates/events to the global timeline by filling up blank cards. An interactive prezi version of the timeline was made and is visible in the prezi embed below.

Collaborative workshop with operations’ leaders for co-creating the TESR timeline

Public display of the timeline during the 3rd Assises de la Transformation Ecologique et Sociale (4th of october 2013)

Below is the interactive prezi version of the timeline :