Every townsman can find from her/his region between the city and the countryside a farm with who to communicate and socialise.

Key Innovation
People living in the city can provide themselves with high-quality natural food and visit a real farm.

Problematic background and context
Half of Estonian ihabitants live in town.They often own summer house or have relatives in countryside. Commuting to countryside is done by car as public transport infrastructure is not very well developed.Tallinn-Haapsalu road is one of the biggest that kind of traffic area .there is no high-ways in Estonia.There is a lot of farms along the road.Farmers in Estonia have often problem with selling their production for the buy-up companys , because the prices are too low.Also because of EU norms and byrocracy the smaller farms have stopped produceing goods.In the same time there are a lot of city peole who are loosing connection with natural lifestyle and knolidges about countrylife,and the ways how the natural food is produced.The farmers and the roadfarers from capital started communicate.Because of roots many estonian urban people still value traditional farming itshelf.Specially valued are organic, fresh, and natural food with no preservatives or processing.

Solution description
The farmers along the road are selling their farm production to wayfarers. While the roadfarers started first to ask some milk or some eggs to buy. Now, later, the farms have found their favorite clients ( who are mainly from the city) and in time the road farers have found out their favorite farms and products too.And have spread the word, the farm to become more popular among the others, who move the same track. Also in time have the favorite clients beacome to be familyfriends , who are also warmly welcomed to see the animals and have comapassion for the farmlife.For farmers it is a necessary extra income.Every familyfriend or roadfarer who would like to buy some farmproducts has to have his own transport and his own package for milk, egs, honey, vegetables ..or they can bring old bread, eggshells or pakcages for farm.It gives a opportunity to care the environment in way to participate in producing their own food .Solution has sotial and environmental value.

this kind of relations have developed in time, starting in soviet period,very differently in different farms.In the folowing described case the actor visited mentioned farm 12 ago,and visites it every year every summer about twice a week.

Development phase
There has not been any research or investigation about this kind of relations before, because it is privat,often not official business which works behind a official farming activityes.Still it is a very common tradition all over Estonia.
This kind of communication between roadfares-citypeople and farmers is wellknown, but, unofficial, and kept in secred.In certain cases the communication in phone or internet between farmer and his costumers helps to manage better the selling and to prepare for certain time certain amount of necessary products, also to make plans in spring which vegetables are wanted for autumn.

Revenue/costs model
The custumer pays cash for the product in farm stright to farmer. -Prices for costumer are lower compared with market price. -Price for farmer is good compared with buy-up prices -farmer maneges everything what is needed for farming.

Social evaluation
Natural foodsystem influences social environment as it brings into interaction city and country people.Gives a entertainment together to young people and elderly people.Gives a chance to citypeople to participate a little in the farmlife.Creats a new circle of communication (lasting many generation)where particpants(normally) familyes support eachother, with moral and material values.

Environmental evaluation
Natural food system sustanes natural farming at least so mutch, that the farms close to big roads stay farming.Little farms activitys keep the nature in balance,btter then big enterprice activityis.As well as it gives better care for the pastorages, forrests, fields and animals.Also the products are more natural, less processed and use less cemical treatments, which is very important for nuritation in general.The small family farming keeps the country alive.

Economical evaluation
It is economically useful to have people to care for getting food.And take care for its transport, pacage, control of the quality on theyr own.the environmental sustainability is actually ecqual with the economical profit as the food sircle saves from transport, packaging, time, from produceing to arrival to the table of the user,no selling points,no waste of space for storage……

Kätlin Kangur, Anna Roomet / Estonian Academy of Arts / Estonia

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