APT lab’s café

Agro Paris Tech is one of the major french engineering school for environment, food-processing, bio-technologies, and food marketing. Established in the neighborhood of Palaiseau city, it has become a major attraction in the area, thanks to its experimental café. Students and researchers commonly decided to open a public café ten years ago, so to experiment […]

Friendly French Grandparents – FFG cheering service

In the early 2012, Saclay’s wide territory was hosting an increasing number of lonely and isolated old people. Some of them have spent over 50 years of their life living in Orsay, Palaiseau, Massy, or Gif-sur-Yvette, and have attended the great challenges and transformations the area had to face, with the Great Paris Project. In […]

B-curious Coffee-Library

B-curious coffee-libraries are small learning centres disseminated on the Campus. Between Hub Platforms and shared workplaces, they are located near the bike and bus stations so that one can stop for a moment of work or grasp something new to learn. B-curious coffee-libraries are each different with specific orientations and learning themes: you can find […]

The Co-conception Market

Open since for two months, the co-conception-market seems to be appreciated at the Saclay’s Cluster-campus. The products sold here are perfectly adapted to the campus’s users, because they are conceived with them and selected by them. Brands saw opportunities to develop workshops of co-conception within a population of lead users of the so-called society of […]

My office’s farm

What if we could enjoy our work place as a holiday place ? Telling the bed & breakfast farm system that facilitate ‘green & local tourism’ on the Paris-Saclay Campus might give an enthusiastic answer to this question. The farm-residency can welcome around 10 families, but during holidays it provides also meals for people using the […]

Science is fun in Saclay

Twenty  years ago, nobody would have believed that brand new Paris-Saclay theme park could challenge some world-renowned theme park like Disneyland Paris. In the early 2010, Paris-Saclay territory was in the middle of a substantial change, facing various challenges, such as promoting all-year-long activities and services, including during holidays, when the campuses are empty and […]

A new generation of “afterwork”

  Does being part of the greatest innovation companies mean you cannot be a party animal ? Paris-Saclay’s campus engineers wouldn’t agree at all, as every month they can enjoy a new type of afterwork, in which they meet each other, also with their families. The initiative was launched 10 years ago, after a couple of […]

The mixed dating restaurant

The first steps towards a collaborative restaurant in 2012 did not seem feasible. Lunch time was not a moment for the employees to spend time and they would prefer to stay in small groups and in quiet places. But they would never have the chance to make other acquaintances. In the south of Paris, the […]


The quest for a job makes people relocate and face the difficulties that arise while trying to settle in a new environment. The Saclay cluster campus decided to support its own newcomers by establishing a specific policy. Created in 2013, the “one-stop-visitor shop” is a center that addresses to people from all nationalities arriving to […]