A didactic tool to approach sustainability by investigating social innovation

LOLA Vision

The LOLA Vision is articulated on four major points: FOCUS ON LOCAL SCALE: LOLA aims at looking for promising sustainable initiatives at a walking distance from the school… ADOPT ACTION LEARNING: LOLA is an investigation process based on interviews. It doesn’t require particular knowledge or preparation… ACT NOW: radical change doesn’t come only from top-down policies… CHANGE WAYS […]

The LOLA Toolkit

WHAT DO WE INTED BY THE TOOLKIT? A toolkit is a set of elements that enable its users to realise a particular activity. In the case of the LOLA the purpose of providing a toolkit to secondary schools is to enable teachers and pupils to create significant learning sessions. From this short definition we can […]

LOLA Step-by-Step Cards

The core element of the LOLA toolkit is a set of STEP-BY-STEP CARDS describing the different possible steps to search for a promising initiative, to get in contact with its protagonists, to document what they do and report it in a nice and highly communicative way. For each of these steps, each card is proposing different options multiplying […]

LOLA Reporter Book

Along with the cards a REPORTER BOOK is available in the LOLA toolkit. It is the main investigation tool for the pupils to organise their interviews. It contains basic concepts and examples of initiatives to investigate; interview question guides and photo check-lists; progressive reporting formats to organise information and images, personal comments and disclosure agreements…

The LOLA Brochure

This new brochure introduces to the LOLA Toolkit. It gives an overview of the genesis, intentions and goals of the project as well as a panorama of possible implementations that could be elaborated from all the toolkit material available on line. “LOLA: Looking for Likely Alternatives. A didactic process for approaching sustainability by investigating social […]