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This blog is a digital magazine that shows cases of social innovation promising in terms of sustainable developement. It offers a platform of dialogue for the creative communities that generates these innovations to exchange on the different solutions they promote, between them and with the rest of the citizens that their alternative ideas may stimulate […]


Recycling of historical used construction materials and building Key Innovation Organization that supports reusing of valuable construction materials and building items Problematic background and context Starting from the beginning of 1990s Estonia has lived in extensive period of construction and renovation. This is caused by political and economical changes, which followed to Independence Declaration in […]


A bicycle repairsman who visits you at home. Key Innovation Because the bicycle repairsman is a long existing and good working concept no one had further thought of improving the client aspect. Problematic background and context In the Netherlands you could find a bicycle repairsman in almost every neighboorhood and mostly there were even more […]


Schuif ‘s Aan Key Innovation This initiative offers people who love to cook an opportunity to cook for a larger number of people then let’s say only their wife or husband. Problematic background and context Mostly older people in our neighbourhoods are cut off from society, because off the individualization. In this environment there are […]


An environmentally, socially and economically sustainable neigbourhood in the city of Utrecht, founded and developed by the inhabitants themselves. Key Innovation A socially and environmentally sustainable neighbourhood which was set up by the inhabitants themselves. Problematic background and context A group of people wanted to live in socially and ecologically sustainable neighbourhood, but that didn’t […]


The Coach House Trust provides occupational, educational and employment opportunities for adults recovering from addiction. Key Innovation Trainees learn new environmental work skills through recycling materials, composting and landscaping. Problematic background and context The coach house trust seeks to challenge the economical and social exclusion of adults who are recovering from problems associated with mental […]


Improving the living circumstances in a small Dutch village. Key Innovation Inhabitants initiative to improve living circumstances and the social network in their small village. Problematic background and context The village of Nieuwlande was small and underdeveloped and there were a lot of problems but no funds and possibilities to make some changes. After the […]


Enabling users to share opinions nationwide Key Innovation Providing a meeting point on the internet where creators and users can share thoughts and opinions with a large number of participants. Problematic background and context The problematic background for starting a weblog was a need to share, mostly funny, information to friends and a larger crowd. […]


Promoting the use of garbage in childrens’ creative explorations Key Innovation Challenging (young) people to explore creativity with existing garbage objects to promote the use of garbage in expressive works (artworks) and thereby questioning the image of garbage in general. Problematic background and context On the one hand, schools often lack employers who can guide […]


How to transform an abandoned plot into a shared neighbourhood garden? Key Innovation To inspire the creation of temporary (nomadic) local gardens on empty plots throughout Paris. Problematic background and context How to transform an abandoned plot of municipal land into a shared neighbourhood garden? The Jardin Nomade (JN) is in a quiet residential part […]