MINATEC: l’atelier arts & science

source: www.ateliers-arts-sciences.eu


Abstract: “L’Atelier Arts-Sciences” is an original partnership between l’Hexagone Scène nationale, a 560 seat theatre, and the CEA Grenoble, one of the ten most important worldwide research centers in micro and nanotechnologies.

The innovation process consists in putting together artists and scientists inspiring each other in their practices. The declared objectives are:

– To give the opportunity to both artists and scientific researchers to exchange ideas on their respective working fields and practices;

– To work together to integrate new technologies into artistic productions.

– To encourage the appropriation of contemporary society’s new representations induced by scientific and technological changes and    inventions.

– To enrich the creative process for both artists and scientific researchers.

– To help new social issues to emerge & contribute to current philosophical and ethical debates.

Regular working residencies give opportunities to both artists and scientific researchers to collaborate for a set period of time – from a few days to several monthes.




Growing need to clarify ethical and social issues about nantechnologies. Minatec contribute to help new social issues related to nanotechnolgies to emerge



Huge amount of discoveries in nanotech field but far more less commercial applications every year. Minatec help to find new applications for nanotechnologies (from hard science to everyday life)


Design / Art

Science inspired by artists and not only traditionally artists inspired by science…




The availability of researchers to share and extrapolate their results with artists…



Change in current innovation patterns

Breakthrough in classical way of innovating in involving artists to find new technological applications



Real impact of these initiatives for innovation process?


Sector specifics / cultural specifics

This weak signal is specific to the research in nanotechnologies sector.