Weak Signals of Innovation on Spicy Nodes


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Ideas In Action – High Transparency at Dell Idea Storm

Abstract: The multinational technology corporation Dell is giving interested users the chance to post ideas on products, best practices and general topics. Other users can comment and further promote or demote them. In a specific section of the website users and interested visitors of the website are able to access general stats such as the overall […]

Holistic Innovation – Fusion of Product and Service Innovations

Abstract: The successful creation of innovations is considered to be one of the key factors for companies to generate sustainable competitive advantages and corporate growth. But the exclusive focus on creating smashing new product innovations barely accounts for achieving these economic targets. Therefore more and more companies seek for new ways to enlarge the customer value […]

Street Fashion Blogs

source: http://streetpeeper.com/ Abstract: Street fashion blogs are at the beginning the initiative of anonymous people posting in their blogs pictures they took in the area where they live of other people they consider dressed in an original and cool way. Most of them are not professional cool hunters. Some of these blogs are being progressively recognised […]

Systems of living for the Cité du Design

source: http://www.sustainable-everyday.net/citedudesign/   Abstract: The Cité du Design, a new public institution dedicated to research, education and dissemination of design in Saint-Etienne, France initiated a study to define its own organisation as a multi-dimentional public service in a participative way. The innovation process consisted in involving in a story-telling process a large sample of stakeholders […]

Creative Commons / Science Commons

source: http://creativecommons.org/extras/copyremix   Abstract: Creative commons is a non profit corporation that offers creative licensing that enables creators to let their creations to be shared, reused and remixed by other people in parts or as a whole in order to generate other innovations still consistent with the rules of copyright. The creative process is based […]

CONIFER research

source: http://www.coniferresearch.com/   Abstract: CONIFER collaborated with Steelcase, USA, on the Wood Furniture project, a strategic perspective on private office furniture starting from customer’s aims and objectives. For this project, the innovation process is based on CONIFER training a team of industrial designers, marketers, and engineers in ethnographic research approaches and leading members of that […]


Abstract ECO.officina is a software support tool for product innovation. The innovation processes is based on the use of environmental criteria to stimulate the creativity for new products. The difference compared to similar tools is that it intervenes as a stimulator rather than a filter of the creative generation of sustainable concepts. Rather than the […]

MINATEC: l’atelier arts & science

source: www.ateliers-arts-sciences.eu   Abstract: “L’Atelier Arts-Sciences” is an original partnership between l’Hexagone Scène nationale, a 560 seat theatre, and the CEA Grenoble, one of the ten most important worldwide research centers in micro and nanotechnologies. The innovation process consists in putting together artists and scientists inspiring each other in their practices. The declared objectives are: – To […]

Design Thinking in MBA Programs

source: www.businessweek.com   Abstract There are more and more new professionals emerging from interdisciplinary master’s programs that integrate design, technology, and business. These professionals are trained in “design thinking” with the aim to merge design, business, and technology. The goal is to combine creative confidence and analytic ability. According  to a 2003 report by the […]