Reduced Security Control to Push Innovation

source: Daily Google logo from 9.11.2009   Abstract: In a keynote Google’s former CIO Douglas Merrill describes Google’s approach concerning internal innovation culture as offering employees as much freedom as possible in their working/innovation processes, e.g, by letting them choose any operation system, any location and any software they want to use. This increases the company’s […]

Google Engineers, 20% of Working Time for Self-initiated Projects.

  Abstract: Google engineers are encouraged to take 20 percent of their time to work on something company-related that interests them personally. This means that „if you have a great idea, you always have time to run with it.” Driver  Social Growing need to stimulate sense of auto-achievement and creativity on working spaces Economic / […]

Rapid Innovation Testing

Abstract New technologies and the possibilities of digitalisation make innovation processes cheaper and more efficient, as they enable easy testing and evaluation – offline and online. Enterprises increasingly use digital and conventional systems to test an ever-growing number of their ideas and thereby increase the probability of finding good solutions and decrease the probability of […]

Lego Digital Designer (and derivatives)

source: Abstract: Lego Digital Designer is a software created to let users compose their own masterpieces with Lego bricks and elements. The process of innovation is based on letting customers play with a online user version of the company product development tools, delegating the community of user part of the innovation and marketing process […]

Sample Lab!

source:   Abstract: Sample Lab!, located in a very crowded shopping area in Tokyo, is a store where products are displayed only for demo. Visitors come and try them and get rewarded by taking home some of the products they have tried… A retail experience that focuses on, and gives consumers, a certain degree […]

Design Council RED – Open Health

source:   Abstract: This project made people, patients and front-line workers collaborate by brainstorming ideas, critiquing concepts, testing things out in context and suggesting improvements. The process of innovation consists in introducing patients, professionals and interested people’s collaboration in order to develop factors of innovation in the health field instead of the traditional “lab […]

Crowd Spring / 99 Designs – The rise of “Spec Design” sites (Short for Speculative)

source:   Abstract: Spec Design sites deliver affordable graphic design work and democratize the business by letting customers run a “design contest” to meet the client’s needs, where an open community of designers compete to create the best possible desi gn to answer the brief usually in as short as 24 hours. Customers post […]

Future Concept Lab

Abstract: Future Concept Lab is an international consultancy focused on global trends in consumption and distribution. The innovation process consists here in activating their original international network of ‘cool hunters’ worldwide to quickly collect stimulation material on a particular topic. For example, the Happiness Program was a research program that provided a cross-cultural insight on teenagers […]

A Soured Economy Promted a Book im Crowdsourcing

  Abstract: The current global economic crisis has a pervasive impact on national economies and labour markets, resulting in increasing unemployment. Due to the fact that many unemployed workers do no longer have the chance to find a permanent position in their sector of expertise, crowdsourcing marketplaces such as InnoCentive, TopCoder, uTest, and CrowdSpring are booming.   Driver  Social […]

CoWorking Houses as Creative Hubs

  Abstract: More and more of the so-called knowledge workers from the creative class join so called CoWorking houses. CoWorking houses offer an easy, flexible and budget workspace (LAN and coffee flat rate included). They combine workspace (productive and functional) with a creativity hub (social, energetic, creative). By this, people from a broad spectrum of disciplines meet and can […]