Bildr – DIY electronic kit

source:   Abstract: Bildr is a project of open platform offering access to componentized instruction sets, “building blocks” for making various hardware and software constructions accessible to anybody. The innovation process is based on a very detailed toolbox (i.e. subsystems; components; where to buy them; programmation scripts in different languages; etc) that allow non experts to […]


source:   Abstract: BarCamps designate kind of augmented workshops increasing the possibilities of interaction between large numbers of participants. The innovation process consists in mixing on-line and off-line discussion (participants exchanging at the same time by voice and through computer), physical co-presence of participants during an immersion-like session of one or more days, preparation and […]

Match-making for Innovators and Companies

source:   Abstract: Sprout offers an electronic course, in which people from all over the world can exchange their knowledge and help each other to further elaborate their social or environmental project ideas. Sprout tries to attract dynamic activists, leaders, and professionals, which are trained by sprout facilitators to become e-mentors. Everyone can be […]

Match-making for Innovators and Companies

source:   Abstract: Edison Nation is an online community dedicated to inventors and people with ideas. It aims at helping them to turn their ideas into products and companies discovering those ideas. People can submit their ideas (into the Live Product Search database), learn about invention processes, present their ideas to companies and find […]

Putting the NO in InNOvation

source:   Abstract: In the beginning of 2009 the American cereals manufacturer Post came up with a new campaign under the tagline “Why we put the NO in Innovation.” By emphasizing the 100% natural ingredients and the fact that the product has not changed for centuries, Frank Duff – a fictional CEO – motivates his employees […]

Disruptive Innovation from India: The Tata Nano

source: Abstract: In January 2007 Tata Motors, India´s largest company in the automobile and commercial vehicle sector, launched a four-seater car with a purchasing price of around 1440 Euro. The Tata Nano is now the world’s cheapest car. Automotive suppliers are, amongst others, the German companies Bosch, Continental and BASF. In order to achieve this very […]

Innovation Network Corporation of Japan: Japan’s Hidden Champions shall collaborate

  Abstract: In face of growing global competition and up catching competitors from other Asia countries, business conditions for Japanese so far very successful medium-sized companies (hidden champions) become tougher. Previous success factors, such as high individual R&D spending, outsourcing of low-cost production, keeping high-tech knowledge hidden at home (even for customers), possessing the complete […]

Innovation Culture of the Tata Group

source:   Abstract: Tata Consultancy Services, a firm belonging to India´s Group, makes internal innovation corporate culture top priority. Several strategies have been implemented in order to build a culture of innovation and stimulate employees to think innovatively. These strategies involve e.g. creative thinking as one of nine performance categories on which employees are evaluated […]

Non-western Innovation Boom: Biotech in China

  Abstract: China invests vast amounts of resources into research programs in order to foster basic research and applied science, in particular concerning the sponsorship of future technologies such as biotech. The budget of research institutions and universities has grown with an annual growth rate of 20% recently. This development and other contributing factors such […]

Reverse Innovation

Abstract: Traditionally, innovations found their way from developed to emerging markets in the form of less-sophisticated products at lower prices. The numbers of examples that work the other way around are increasing. It is more and more the case that innovation “trickles up” from emerging to developed nations. GE Chairman Jeffrey calls this tendency “reverse […]