Abstract: Threadless and Typetees are two connected websites where users can submit their designs (Threadless) and slogans (Typetees) to be printed on t-shirts and other formats. These submissions are then voted by the users themselves with a “I’d buy it” or “it’s stupid” concept (with a 0-5 voting system in case of Threadless), therefore […]


  Abstract: is a career and community site for creative professionals. The innovation process consists in hosting individual creative portfolios and offering a large display of projects and ideas representing a market place of innovations and innovators. The community who visits the site daily represents a cross-section of the global design industry, working designers, design […]

Innovation by Governmental Supported Start-ups and Entrepreneurships – the Israeli Model

Abstract Public funding for entrepreneurial hubs and start-up financing is nothing new. Many of the world’s most successful innovation hubs bear the stamp of governmental invention (i.e. Silicon Valley, Bangalore or Guangdong), but not all attempts were successful. The newest, most successful approach was taken by Israel. It shows how innovations pushed by governments and […]

From Closed Innovation to Top-Secret Innovation?

  Abstract: In Summer 2009, an employee of one of Apple’s manufacturer committed suicide after loosing a prototype of a next generation iPhone, There are rumours that he was maltreated and his house was searched illegally. Apple, commonly seen as one of the most innovative brands, treats its upcoming products like a state secret. Apple […]

Demand and Supply-Driven Innovation Policy

A Holistic Approach: Demand and Supply-Driven Innovation Policy    Abstract: So far, traditional innovation policy mostly focuses on the development of innovation, the supply side of innovation, so to speak. Researchers from the German Institute of Global and Area Studies identified four main trends concerning global trends in innovation policy: 1) public funded technology programs, 2) […]

American Apparel (no sweatshop large scale clothing manufacturing)

  Abstract : American Apparel is the largest sweatshop-free clothing manufacturer in the United States. The innovation process consists in the fact that American Apparel has decided not to outsource its activities. Vertically integrated manufacturer, wholesaler and retailer American Apparel produces all of its garments domestically in Los Angeles and also performs its own design, advertising, […]

Change of current professional career patterns?

Abstract: The American online video rental shop Netflix has offered 1,000,000 US-dollar for the team who is able to improve the movie recommendations made by Netflix’s internal software, Cinematch, by at least 10 percent. It took 3 years until a team surpassed the 10 percent hurdle. The winner team is an international cooperation of some of […]

Breeding Tables

  Abstract: The innovation process consists here in not designing tables but a software that designs infinite number of models of table with a standardized production process. Randomness is put at the hearth of design process. The computer code creates lots of possible random variations, but the final defining pre-production choices are still made by […]


source: Strategic Design Scenarios, 2009   Abstract : ISEU standing for “Integration of Standardisation, Ecodesign and Users in energy using products” is a research project funded by the Belgian Science Policy. One of its focus is the design of domestic appliances that induces a rational use of the energy by the user. For that purpose, a group […]

Fully Sponsored Innovation Camp for Young People

source:   Abstract: Palomor5 is an (currently running) innovation camp looking for creative young people to develop ideas for new working environments that fit the needs and skills of the digital generation. 30 young and creative minds were invited to stay in Berlin (location size: 2000sqm). During 6 weeks, completely financed by Deutsche Telekom, […]