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This is a future scenario* to show how the charter can create a shift in how Multi-level governance (MLG) is applied in Europe. It has been developed during the “Engagement Interviews”,  (Brussels – 03-04/2012).

* The following story is a fiction imagined during the co-creation process and does not engage the public authorities or stakeholders eventually mentioned.


Olga Krawczyk, Senior Policy Advisor (Poland)

A new hat has been created for Multi-level Governance (MLG) (based on Edward De Bono’s 6 Hats idea)  to allow extra time for people involved in an MLG focused project to have the time to respond and participate adequately. The factor of time has been considered as an important aspect of MLG. In order for MLG to function properly good planning must occur with all initiatives. Time for consultation needs to be included in all project planning whether at a state, regional or national level. This takes into consideration respect for other members. In fact there are a closet of hats for MLG communication and negotiation. The new “MLG Hats” have been made for the following MLG principles: respect, negotiation, trust, time, openness, sharing, and efficiency.

* in reference to De Bono

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