Towards a Multi-level Governance Charter

With its White Paper on Multilevel Governance[1], the Committee of the Regions pledged to consolidate the values and principles of this mode of governance within European and national institutional and political frameworks. It especially committed itself to the far reaching objective of drafting a European Union Charter for Multilevel Governance, which should lead to greater participation by local and regional authorities in the exercise of European democracy[2].

Following this approach, the CoR decided to initiate an inclusive and participative drafting process, entrusting its external consultant, Strategic Design Scenarios (SDS) with the launching of a large consultation and interactive reflection process, which should lead by mid-2012 to the production of a first Multilevel Governance Charter prototype.

This website is dedicated to this collaborative process launched in February 2012.


[1] CdR 89/2009 fin.

[2] CdR 273/2011 fin.

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