Collaborative Services

This book presents the scenario of collaborative services with a range of solution examples, design guidelines and conceptual background on how design could support social innovations promising in terms of sustainable development…

Sustainable Everyday

What might everyday life be like in a sustainable society? How do you take care of yourself and other people? How do you work, study, move around? How do you cultivate a network of personal and social relationships and create an undistorted relationship with the environment?
What do the sustainable societies we are able to imagine today have in common? How wide a range of options do we have open to us on the basis of these common elements?


A catalogue of 72 promising solutions to answer as many questions about everyday life. A collection of cosmopolitan ideas of local origin, but with the energy necessary to carry them all over the world.


“SusHouse, Strategies Towards the Sustainable Household: Scenarios slide show and Project Reports”, European Research Porject funded by the Environmental and Climate Research Programme Theme 4: On Human Dimensions of Environmental Change.

Guidebook for SEP exhibition

A Guidebook for SEP Exhibition at Eco-Products 2006 in Tokyo.