PERL working on green jobs for sustainable living…

March 6th-9th in Marseille, France was the official launch of the second PERL project  recently approved for 3 more years of activities financed by the Lifelong Learning Programme of DG Education and Research. PERL for who still doesn’t’ know this now somewhat famous network stands for Partnership for Education and Research for Responsible Living and […]

Sustainable lifestyles 2050 through 4 video-scenarios

What will life in 2050 look like ? What is a sustainable lifestyle ? What does it look like ? Explore four scenarios of sustainable lifestyles in 2050 ! Watch online our video-scenarios !


A catalogue of 72 promising solutions to answer as many questions about everyday life. A collection of cosmopolitan ideas of local origin, but with the energy necessary to carry them all over the world.

Food delivery solutions

Food Delivery Solutions presents and discusses three proposed solutions for very specific needs: the needs of people with reduced access to food. These solutions have been developed adopting a particular set of instruments (the Solution Oriented Partnership Framework Methodology) to combine a variety of stakeholders with the aim of achieving effective, contextualised and sustainable results.

Agenda 21 Molenbeek / Citizen Walks

The Agenda 21 of the City of Molenbeek (Brussels-Capital Region) organised in Novembre 2011 3 citizens walks. The aim of those walks ? Re-discovering their area with the citiezns with a new point of view on sustainable initiatives.