The Co-conception Market

Open for only two months, the co-conception-market seems to be well adopted by Saclay’s Cluster-campus dwellers. The products sold are perfectly adapted to the campus users, because they are made with them and selected by them. Brands caught opportunities to develop co-conception workshops within a population of lead users, of the so-called society of information […]


EPPS the development agency of the Paris-Saclay campus shows high interest for the video-sketches made by the students as a complementary way to approach urban planning, starting from the people and the usages of the urban environment. They publish a map localizing the 16 solutions of the students on the campus. A more detailled article […]

The people-propose map

Visiting a new place always necessitates a good map. The one stop visitor shop in its ef- fort to facilitate the establishment of all new- comers to the Saclay campus launched back in 2014 the idea of a people-propose map. The concept was to create a collaborative map based on the information coming from all […]


One of the major challenges that arose as the project of the Saclay cluster campus was being developed in 2012 was how to make the plateau a place where people would be willing to walk. The campus’ large dimensions were quite discouraging at the moment while all attention was concentrated in the mobility infrastructures. The […]


In Saclay campus, city planners have developed new wellness infrastructures. Sports facilities are not locked into fitness centers, but spread on the whole campus area. Whenever students or researchers have lunch, or before they return home, they can just pop for a few minutes in specific areas where they have fun testing new sports like Tchoukball or Kin-ball. The basics are also on the list : associations of petanque or badminton nearby villages also […]

Transport frugality program

Main interest of the Cluster Campus Paris Saclay is to find competences and partners within a reach, but the territory is pretty extended and it was getting completely paralyzed by exponential mobility caused by more research collaborations, business meetings, temporary visitors on top of daily commuting and normal local traffic. UMR (Mixed Research Units) working […]

Home swapping

Reducing everyday commuting transport requires habitat closer to working places… But leaving ones house, neighborhood and friends environment is always a barrier! This doesn’t seems to be the case of ‘Walkable’ the on-going experimentation on the Cluster Campus of Paris Saclay in France: it starts in the 10′s with large populations of students, researchers and […]

Food sufficient campus

Urban farming and food sufficiency has always been the Graal. The experience on this issue of the Cluster Campus Paris Saclay is very interesting to look at: the Campus development master plan voted in 2011 ensured the preservation of 2 300 acres of agriculture land across the campus. But at that time, most of the […]


From the launch of Paris Saclay Cluster Campus, majors issues were clearly to kick-off the social dimensions of the project and generate a high quality of life between the mix of populations  living there. The Paris Saclay Development Agency in charge of coordination of urban planning for the whole Campus decided to challenge its own […]

Fab-Lab House : Factory House

We tend to produce less and less new objects, so we have to repare the older’ ones. Our grand parents’s stuffs last for a long time but sometimes also it stops. At the fab-lab House, passionate students of the campus could help inhabitants to repare or customize their objects. Using their knowledge in science and […]