Here’s a report of the posters that were in the streets of Brussels (St Boniface area).
They were not supposed to stay long, so we hope you availed yourself of the sun and went for a walk this week-end (17th-18th of March).

AN ACTION-WALK > St Boniface (Brussels) > from 16th to 18th of March

From Friday 16th to Sunday 18th of March 2012, the Human Cities Toolbox was in the street in the area of St Boniface in Brussels! 20 tools were presented in posters spread in the streets of the district in places where those examples could be happening. Here is the map of the exhibition! This exhibition […]

A set of pictures to reclaim public space

You want to start reclaiming public space? With this set of images, it’s your turn to reclaim public space! They are a lot of wasteland, non-space, empty or in transition spaces, without life. Those images are presenting examples of reclaiming of such public spaces in all Europe. Browse the set here and then print few […]

Human Cities Festival – now in Brussels!

After Brussels and Istanbul in 2010, the third edition of the Human Cities Festival is happening in Brussels from 15 until 31 March 2012. This edition will run under the title “Reclaiming public space”. Scientific and cultural actors will stress bottom-up initiatives set up by citizens, architects, designers, artists and associations that re-shape the forms and […]