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From Friday 16th to Sunday 18th of March 2012, the Human Cities Toolbox is in the street in the area of St Boniface in Brussels! 20 tools are presented in posters spread in the streets of the district in places where those examples could be happening : it’s your turn to let your imagination taking […]

Agenda 21 Molenbeek / Citizen Walks

The Agenda 21 of the City of Molenbeek (Brussels-Capital Region) organised in Novembre 2011 3 citizens walks. The aim of those walks ? Re-discovering their area with the citiezns with a new point of view on sustainable initiatives.

Agenda 21 Saint-Gilles / Citizens participation

This is a project done with the Agenda 21 of the City of Saint-Gilles (Brussels-Capital Region).

Inventer les lycées demain

This blog is presents the work-in-progress of the Experimental Studio: Inventing colleges tomorrow, ENSCI Les Ateliers, Autumn 2010.

Designing Household Energy Practices

Collection of cases of social innovation promising in terms of transition towards sustainable living with UNEP and the Swedish Task Force on Sustainable Lifestyles in Brazil, China, India and Africa […]

One Planet mobility cities

Barcelona, Freiburg, Lille, Malmö and Sofia engage with WWFs’ One Planet Mobility Cities programme: these 5 first European cities joint forces to foster systemic change towards sustainable mobility. The two main action paths are the development of a localised assessment tool to compare carbon reductions of different policy measures and creative stakeholders engagement in carrying […]

LOLA Looking for Likely Alternatives

Fostering interests and involvement in education for sustainability and responsible living in national school curriculum: LOLA  starts as a follow-up of our exploration of social innovations for sustainability. Together with the Consumer Citizenship Network, we develop a didactic Teaching Pack to involve pupils and their teachers in this fruitful activity aligned with project-based education and […]

City eco lab

Sustainable project in Saint-Etienne What are more sustainable ways of living? What would the daily life of a family, a student or a pensioner be like if all sustainable initiatives, projects, ideas, etc… presented at the Biennale International Design were available now in Saint-Etienne? To try to answer this question, we ask some people from […]

EMUDE / Emerging user demands for sustainable solution

This blog is a digital magazine that shows cases of social innovation promising in terms of sustainable developement. It offers a platform of dialogue for the creative communities that generates these innovations to exchange on the different solutions they promote, between them and with the rest of the citizens that their alternative ideas may stimulate […]


This blog presents all the work developed by the students of the course  “Representation & visualisation” hold at the Politecnico of Milan in 2005-06