GARAGE, a workspace in synergy

POC GARAGE GARAGE, a workspace in synergy Teleworking, telecottage, incubators… So many models that reflect today’s diversity of ways of working. On the brands and retail side, new concepts are also starting to emerge with the prospect of connecting entrepreneurs with consumers, as well as brands with their customers, by creating spaces that promote synergy. Read more about GARAGE, a workspace in synergy[…]

Living in your workplace

POC Wellice Living in your workplace Because employees’ practices and expectations evolve, so do working environments. The project Wellice seeks to build a responsible, pleasant office building that is integrated into its environment in the centre of Villeneuve d’Ascq. The intention is to create a space where work rhymes with well-being. Responsible, pleasant and integrated  Wellice, Read more about Living in your workplace[…]

A digital social fablab

POC La Fabrique Numérique de Gonesse A digital social fablab ‘La Fabrique de Gonesse’ is the first project of the Roissy Pays de France Agglomerations’ digital strategy. Launched in 2015, the programme uses digital technologies, mass communication, digital fabrication, repairing, networking and project management as empowerment tools for tackling the problem of school dropouts, especially in Read more about A digital social fablab[…]

Building the living city

POC Monsfabrica Building the living city How to “make of the city”, build a humane city, thriving in collaboration and complementing major urban renewal programs like the one that, for 15 years now, has been raising the new Mons from the old Mons in Baroeul? Out of this question was born MONSFABRICA, a mutual aid and Read more about Building the living city[…]

Third furniture for third places

POC Le Kappla Third furniture for third places Third places, coworking spaces, resource pooling…Practicesgradually growtowards collective sharing. Many spaces are flourishingaround thistrend. But are these evolving places sustainable? How can we take into account these growing practices along with the request of new workspace equipment by the citizens? Like a building game For this project, initially presented at the Tremplin Design Read more about Third furniture for third places[…]

Let’s mix skills at the Bazaar!

POC Bazaar St-So Let’s mix skills at the Bazaar! In between the city and the eco-neighbourhood project, Bazaar St-Sooccupies a former railway hall with the aim of building a place dedicated to the creative economy. The building is cut in half: on one side, there is a workshop, and on the other, exhibition, meeting and office Read more about Let’s mix skills at the Bazaar![…]

Functionality and cooperation economy?

POC Tiers-Lieu LA LOCO Functionality and cooperation economy? “We aim for cohesive and sustainable development but we find ourselves in classic facilities with no connection to the neighbourhood inhabitants or anything sustainable!” The key players of the Social and Solidarity Economy, always associated with the voluntary sector that doesn’tgenerate financial capital, are like the contemporary shoemakers who go barefoot and Read more about Functionality and cooperation economy?[…]


POC La Station, St Omer Workstation… “On average, I am a coworker at the station two days a week, I am self-employed and I alternate days at home with days at the station, according to the priorities of the moment.”For Vincent, a self-employed landscape designer living in St Omer, the station offers a way to Read more about Workstation…[…]

The school of neighbourhoods

POC La Scuola dei Quartieri The school of neighbourhoods Preserving memories while taking care of the elderly, engaging foreign communities through the art of baking in a public oven, innovating with new forms of cultural production, distribution and fruition, creating manufacturing labs that bridge old and future skills. What if supporting local regeneration means providing citizens Read more about The school of neighbourhoods[…]

Entrepreneurs in art school

POC hangArt créatif Entrepreneurs in art school “Every business leader in Italy has had contact with art since in this country, art history is part of the general curriculum in elementary and secondary school”noted Florence Vidal in 1997 essay which explored Italian style Creativity Management. Art and entrepreneurship Along the same lines, the Catholic University Read more about Entrepreneurs in art school[…]