March 11, 2020

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The challenges of Collaborative City

Why a Collaborative City ?

Contemporary lifestyles are focusedon the individual, the consumer is areference unit, solutions are increasingly personalised, algorithms are more targeted, mentalities are individualistic, interests are personal… The challenge of the Collaborative City is to restore the collective spirit, reestablisha common good,rediscover the community andencourage mutual aid.In theCollaborative City, design’s roleis to unitein diversity, cross fluxes, encourage convergence, address common interests… 

The design of the Collaborative City envisions projects that increase social diversity, encourage encounters, prompt serendipity, ensure equity and develop communities…

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The design of the Collaborative City enables conversation between people, ensures all are heard, empowers everyone to contribute and builds trust between stakeholders.

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The design of the Collaborative City increases synergies, integrates several functions into the same system and imagines multiplier effects.

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Collaboration as transition issues

As life has shown us again and again, mutual aid and collaboration are far more powerful and effective than strength and competition. Collaboration is the real “law of the jungle” and in our modern urban societies, which some might describe as on the verge of collapse, collaboration is the only way we can combine human resources, the only resources our world has in abundance in order to engage in a sustainable transition.