Starting before opening!

POC La Chaufferie Huet Starting before opening! “The Huetboiler room, yes, I know it well!” But how is it possible that people know about a future performance hall inLa Madeleine, long before any renovation work has even started? Temporary show Surely, its success is owed to Berkem Label’s dynamism, a local association who, in collaboration with Read more about Starting before opening![…]

Relaunching Re-nature

POC Vers de nouveaux usages en bord de Deûle  Relaunching Re-nature 4 garden planters built a year ago and poorly used, a space infested withJapanese knotweed, places filled with dog droppings: even though you will find a huge fresco, painted five years ago, and a new work of art, placed there only a few months ago, Read more about Relaunching Re-nature[…]

Second hand at hand…

POC Consign O’ Relais Second hand at hand… Selling a coat or a second-hand coffee maker in one click is easy but getting it to the buyer, that’s more complicated… Wrapping the package, shipping it and often paying more than what you sold it for. Alternatively, you may agree on a place and time to meet Read more about Second hand at hand…[…]

Unlimited mobility

POC Oke Charge Unlimited mobility 42% of French people are reluctant to use electric vehicles byfear of having a breakdown1. Moreover, 95% of today’s battery recharges are done at home and,in most cases,a simple domestic socket is used. However, knowing that one in fiveFrench people doesn’t have private parking, accessibility and easy rechargeremain a big issue! Public domestic sockets Oke Charge is a refillservice for electric vehicles, based on the Read more about Unlimited mobility[…]

Let’s create our landscape together

POC Landscape Design Let’s createour landscape together How can we bringnature back tothe centre of urban projects? How might weset up a horizontal approach,wherein decisions are put in the hands of users? As citizens, we would like to be involvedin our neighbourhood’surban planning, especially if we live in territories undergoing changeor peri-urban areas where nature is still present.  Let’s conceive allotmentsdifferently Instead of followingthe Read more about Let’s create our landscape together[…]

Participatory urban cleanliness

POC Innover la propreté urbaine Participatory urban cleanliness Why would trash sorting be less important outdoors than at home? Who on earth would have the idea of throwing away used tissues in their living room, or a pack of cigarettes in their garden? Yet these incivilities are frequent in public space. Precisely because they are Read more about Participatory urban cleanliness[…]

Cooking and eating together in Fives

POC Cuisine Commune Cooking and eating together in Fives “In Fives when I was young there was a bar every 20 meters, much more life in the streets, more opportunities to meet each other, today people see each other but talk less”.It’s not easy to build relationships and create a neighbourhood dynamic. Sometimes it’s about Read more about Cooking and eating together in Fives[…]


POC CycLab Lego-bike “I’m a deliveryman and I carry out the last miles by bike.” “I’m a home-based hairdresser and I travel by cargo bike.” “And I’m a bulk grocer and I do ambulant sales in a delivery tricycle.” In the current congestion context of cities such as Lille, many entrepreneurs turn to soft mobility, Read more about Lego-bike[…]

A green hillock to relax with family

POC Hiding places and adventures’ edge A green hillock to relax with family How do you transform a green and wooded hillock into a child and family friendly space, allowing them to have fun and fostering creativity? How do you visualise and strengthen the links between Ferme d’en Haut and its surrounding environment? How do you make Read more about A green hillock to relax with family[…]

Reintegration market gardening

POC Culture in the garden Reintegration market gardening In Haubourdin, in the middle of the street Carrières-de-cement full of businesses, in an old quarry, there are almost three hectares dedicated to market gardening and mutual aid. Since 1998,Intervalhas been helping job seekers reintegrate the professional world … by growing vegetables. Culture of earth and culture Read more about Reintegration market gardening[…]