Second hand at hand…

POC Consign O’ Relais

Second hand at hand…

Selling a coat or a second-hand coffee maker in one click is easy but getting it to the buyer, that’s more complicated… Wrapping the package, shipping it and often paying more than what you sold it for. Alternatively, you may agree on a place and time to meet with the person, wait for them, exchange money for the goods… Either way, it is rather discouraging for second-hand market enthusiasts! 


Delivery between individuals

Mondial Relay, a specialist in parcel delivery to individuals in France and Europe is exploring an intermediate solution: sellers deposit the parcel in a Relay Point® in their neighbourhood or somewhere in between both homes and buyers pick it up when best suits them. Transactions and payments are made on the second-hand shop’s site or through other payment methods, previously agreed between the seller and the buyer. On Mondial Relay’s site, a “local” shipping label at a low price will be available online, in order to designate the recipient. This forfeit price covers the third-party merchant’s compensation for keeping the parcel in his store and acting as a private concierge! 

Local logistics

For a delivery specialist, developing a solution without transport seems paradoxical. Yet it is after realising that nearly half a million parcels do not travel more than 15 kilometres between the seller and the buyer that the idea of creating a specific service came about. A distance that both buyer and seller can travel in less time than it takes to pack and ship a package! No need for packaging that is resistant to shipping; a comfortable 2-week availability period to remove your package; an easy and secure transaction thanks to Mondial Relay’s platform, all at a low price and the possibility of using soft mobility for the short distances or doing it while running other errands for the longer distances: enough to encourage to put back in circulation everything accumulated in our garages and cupboards!

  • Porteur de projet / project holder : Mondial Relay
  • Crédit vidéo / video credit : Mondial Relay