Relaunching Re-nature

POC Vers de nouveaux usages en bord de Deûle 

Relaunching Re-nature

4 garden planters built a year ago and poorly used, a space infested withJapanese knotweed, places filled with dog droppings: even though you will find a huge fresco, painted five years ago, and a new work of art, placed there only a few months ago, both appreciated and untouched, the development of Renature’s space, on the banks of the Deûle, does not meet citizen’s expectations…

Revitalising the development project

How can the project“Renature-Place de culture(e)” enhance this place? How can we define new uses that persist over time? How can we maintain this place so that it stops deteriorating? The local association Berkem Label, the inhabitants of the neighbourhood and the city of La Madeleine, reflect together upon the improvement of this site. Together with the designer collectiveLes Gens Géniaux, they have organised workshops in order to express the local’s wishes and develop further the project. 

Residents’ totem of words

“La Renouée, what a hassle yes, but what a beauty!”,“A wild, calm, educational garden”, “Aromatic plants would be nice”… the second co-creation workshop set-up resident feedback and graphic symbols in the shape of colourful totems, in situ, in order to inform bystanders about the site’s future and thus appropriate the place for a first time. But what happens next? Prototyping people’ projects in full-scalemodels: a way-marked path, new planters, a viewpoint, a dog area, etc. Along with sharing the initiative to foment ephemeral or perennial developments: a seasonal guinguette is already in the making by the town hall!

  • Porteurs de projet/Project holders :Berkem Label
  • Designers :Les Gens Géniaux
  • Acteurs/Stakeholders : habitants, riverains, élus / citizens, residents, elected officials
  • Crédits photo / photo credits :Les Gens Géniaux