August 5, 2020

Press release

Press release

How can design facilitate collaboration in cities and move towards more

unified, sustainable and democratic lifestyles?

The Maison POC Collaborative City explores, through design shows, a hundred local and international projects, in order to restore, in our society experiencing physical distancing, visions of sharing, mutual aid and cooperation…

Modern lifestyles are focused solely on the individual, solutions are increasingly personalised, algorithms are becoming more and more targeted, individualistic mindsets are omnipresent, and now, socialising is done at a distance… 

While the whole world is still in shock and trying to figure out how it can learn from the health crisis in order to rebuild itself, the design challenge of the Collaborative City is to restore the collective, regenerate common goods, find the community again, encourage mutual aid.

It is as much a “Design Show-journey” as it is a lively forum for exchange and debate. The visitor conducts the investigation to detect proofs of a collaborative future. In dialogue with a hundred of POC in the territory, it will host the international DESIS Network labs (Design for Social Innovation and Sustainability) and the design of initiatives of doing and living together of the European Cities belonging to the URBACT Network.

It will explore how the health crisis is “redesigning” our world and how design will take an active part in it. This “non-expo-action” begins to take shape online as of May 2020 and will continue to be enriched with workshops, meetings, sessions, interactions and events from September 2020.

An original production of Lille Métropole 2020, World Design Capital
Curator : François Jégou, designer, Strategic Design Scenarios