Urban Civic Use Regulation

POC Lost&Found, Napoli- IT Urban Civic Use Regulation  In Italy, Naples’ City Council good practice aims to guarantee collective enjoyment of common goods such as water, public services, schools, knowledge, cultural and natural heritage, and their preservation for the benefit of future generations through a public government that allows fair use. The core of these policy instruments Read more about Urban Civic Use Regulation[…]

No unused public space!

POC FlexiSpace, Helsinki- FI No unused public space! What do you wish to do? Rehearse with your salsa amateur group? Create music with your jazz band made-up of friends? What you need is the city’s new online reservation system. A platform that is organised by activities and offers, in a user-friendly way, free booking of any available Read more about No unused public space![…]

Redesigning city food governance

POC Bristol Food Policy Council, Bristol- UK Redesigning city food governance Cities don’t have any specific competences when it comes to food. The City of Bristol, inspired by Canada’s and America’s example, has created a Food Policy Council. The Council is an informal advisory group made up of about a dozen key stakeholders. It investigates food issues Read more about Redesigning city food governance[…]

Sustainable school meals for green and healthy local food systems

POC URBACT Biocanteens Transfer Network, Mouans-Sartoux – FR Sustainable school meals for green and healthy local food systems For those familiar with Asterix comics, Mouans-Sartoux could be compared to a small sustainable city, surrounded by the rather unsustainable French Riviera, where it’s all about real estate interest, high pressure on land use and mass tourism.  At the core Read more about Sustainable school meals for green and healthy local food systems[…]

Cities inspiring each other

Cities inspiring each other You wish to improve or change local policies You want to share and exchange knowledge with other European cities working on the same problems/ challenges as your city does Your city wants to develop a Local Action Plan to tackle a local problem or face a specific challenge You want to Read more about Cities inspiring each other[…]

Driving transition between cities

POC La Fabrique des Transitions Driving transition between cities « La Fabrique des Transitions » stems from the capitalisation of different territories’ experiences – in particular the cities of Loos-en-Gohelle, Le Mené, Malaunay and Grande Synthe – that have demonstrated over several decades an ability to lead change with tangible results. It has made it possible to identify Read more about Driving transition between cities[…]

City and citizen speed dating

POC REFILL Match Making, Cluj- RO City and citizen speed dating A service of co-design of public space imagined by the group of urban artists Somes delivery in collaboration with the Office of Road Safety and Highways in the city of Cluj.  Informal education outside the walls co-designed by Zaklad Maker Space with the departments Education, Culture, Read more about City and citizen speed dating[…]

Hydrological communities in the city

POC Brusseau, Bruxelles- BE Hydrological communities in the city Faced with tensions in water management that often oppose citizens and city administrations (urbanisation neglecting hydrography; constructions in flood-prone areas; systematic waterproofing of surfaces and excessive densification in the city; lack of means and consideration for decentralised management practices; etc.), the project BRUSSEAU, financed within the framework of Read more about Hydrological communities in the city[…]

All potential city innovators

POC Innova.TO, Torino- IT All potential city innovators Innova.TO is a competition for all municipal employees (except directors) in the city of Turin, in Italy. Inspired by the principles of lean organisation, it aims to stimulate and develop innovative projects that improve the administration’s performance, reducing waste and/or valuing resources. A competition for municipal employees The city Read more about All potential city innovators[…]

Cities that let citizens take responsibilities

POC URBACT Social Innovation in Cities Cities that let citizens take responsibilities  How can a city engage with social innovation in order to address increasing constraints and budget cuts? In 2014, the city of Amersfoort in the Netherlands started the Year of Change, a complete process of change within its administrative practices, working towards shared responsibilities Read more about Cities that let citizens take responsibilities[…]