Love of Community care

Love of Community care Due to the isolation caused by the epidemic, vulnerable groups as empty nesters are left unable to adapt to community management, separated from their families and suffering fear and panic. Therefore, a community platform that helps them physically and mentally was designed. Community care for the weak  The platform plans to Read more about Love of Community care[…]

Shared micro-architectures

POC LCD – Local Computational Design Shared micro-architectures What place does climate data have in urban development projects? Couldn’t this data contribute to the creation of local architecture? Could citizens be allowed to use this data to facilitate the construction of bioclimatic micro-architecture? Isn’t the future of urban territories in data sharing and citizen participation? Read more about Shared micro-architectures[…]

Go back and get it

POC Sankofa Go back and get it Making boundary object from indigenous materials? Storytelling and social connectedness in this period of disruption? Igniting the spirit of Ubuntu–togetherness – for innovation beyond the pandemic? Sankofa– looking back into our cultures – to design and transform livelihoods and spaces and promote a culture of resilience in the post-pandemic era. Cultures of Read more about Go back and get it[…]

Housing patience and affordable purchasing map

POC MEL Accession abordable Housing patience and affordable purchasing map Whom do I contact if I want to buy a home? What aids are available? Am I eligible? What are the steps to take and the ones to avoid? In short, buying a home is a bit of an uphill battle! Collaboration in a complex Read more about Housing patience and affordable purchasing map[…]

Listen to Pets’ Voices

Listen to Pets’ Voices When Wuhan was under quarantine because of COVID-19, what happened to all the pets left unattended because their owners couldn’t get home? Thousands of pets died. Now pets, pet owners and pet volunteers all need a solution to get through present and future difficult times. Rescue unattended pets The Pets’ Voice PSS Read more about Listen to Pets’ Voices[…]

All potential city innovators

POC Innova.TO, Torino- IT All potential city innovators Innova.TO is a competition for all municipal employees (except directors) in the city of Turin, in Italy. Inspired by the principles of lean organisation, it aims to stimulate and develop innovative projects that improve the administration’s performance, reducing waste and/or valuing resources. A competition for municipal employees The city Read more about All potential city innovators[…]

Light Up Your Community Map

POC Jiwubang, Changsha- CN Light Up Your Community Map Materials like masks anddisinfectants stand as effective barriers to the spread of the epidemic, but also to the needs of citizens. How can we solve the procurement problem under the risk of experiencingsupply shortages and cross-infection in an epidemic situation?An online platform for information sharing based on LBSmightjust be the answer. Under the initiative of Hunan University’sData Read more about Light Up Your Community Map[…]

Online and around the corner

POC Sheefoo Online and around the corner What place for the small city center business competed so far by large retailers and now also by e-commerces? Sheefoo app’s idea is to combine the advantages of both: the convenience of online research without the need to wait for delivery or travel away from home,since what is bought Read more about Online and around the corner[…]

Bring the stakeholders to a boil!

POC Hub by Suez Bring the stakeholders to a boil! What’s the link between an app that allows households to better manage and control their water consumption, a mediation team that reaches out tofamilies having difficulty paying their water bills and a water fountain program set up in cities and public places? These 3 projects, among Read more about Bring the stakeholders to a boil![…]

Mapping out third places!

POC La Compagnie des Tiers-Lieux Mapping out third places! Need a machine? Want advice on how to move forward with your project? Tired of working at home? Want to get involved in your neighbourhood?  Explore the territory’s third places! No totem places, no demonstrations, but a journey through Lille in order to discover all these Read more about Mapping out third places![…]