Online and around the corner

POC Sheefoo

Online and around the corner

What place for the small city center business competed so far by large retailers and now also by e-commerces?

Sheefoo app’s idea is to combine the advantages of both: the convenience of online research without the need to wait for delivery or travel away from home,since what is bought is found just around the corner!

How does it work? On the Sheefoo app, you get to see at a glance everything being sold in the neighbourhood, book it, pick it up straight away or signal that you will drop by later.

Sheefoo is a combination of two business trends: “web-to-store” and “click & collect”,so researching an online offer and then going to the store in question, and online buying with in-store pickup.

To some it may seem like looking at the weather on your phone rather than looking out the window. But it’s quite the opposite, in fact: you’ll no longer walk around the neighbourhood for nothing, and you won’t go far away when what you need is nearby… 

You’ll rediscover the shops on your street, the know-how of craftsmen and their good advice. Small local shops, bargains and discounts will become visible throughout the neighbourhood.

You’ll try new businesses and rediscover those you no longer saw. It will be easier to find good deals and seasonal promotions, destocking of unsold goods, off-peak hours, flash sales and even solidarity offers like suspended coffees…

For Maximilien Lejeune, project initiator, the app allows “to encourage Lille’s citizens to consume local, along with the wealth of independent artisans and local shops”. Launched in mid-2019, the service involves 70 participating businesses in Lille center, Vieux Lille, Five and Wazemmes, and more than 1,600 users.

It may sound unbelievable to use a digital app to reconnect merchants and locals, yet if it works…

  • Project holders :Maximilien Lejeune, David Ryon, Philippe Leba(SASU Wizpay)
  • Designers :SASU Wizpay
  • Stakeholders : YRYCOM &See You Cloud,GAEL, La Cloche Association,Euratechnologies, Réseau Entreprendre, myFédé