Light Up Your Community Map

POC Jiwubang, Changsha- CN

Light Up Your Community Map

Materials like masks anddisinfectants stand as effective barriers to the spread of the epidemic, but also to the needs of citizens. How can we solve the procurement problem under the risk of experiencingsupply shortages and cross-infection in an epidemic situation?An online platform for information sharing based on LBSmightjust be the answer.

Under the initiative of Hunan University’sData Intelligence and Service Collaboration Lab, the team spent 10 days developingJiwubang,a public welfare Mini Programfor WeChat.Jiwubangfocuses on the current demand forpurchasingemergency materials in the community,by bringing into play aninformation sharing mode through avirtual community based on LBS and crowd sensing, in order to build a peripheral database and support users to help and sharematerials. The combination betweenonline informationand offline epidemic prevention materialsmightsolve the problem ofunbalanced information aroundsupply and demandand the inconvenience of long-distance shopping,for mid-pandemic and post-pandemic phases.

Jiwubangencourages residentsandpharmacies,through a function called “Information provided”,to sharethelocationof materials, their type, price and other information tobuild a community database, in order to make it easier for peopleto searchfor supplies and plan theirpurchases. Through thefunction”Information help”, people can ask for help in the online community and communicate what materials they need, their location and other basic information. The functions “Identity Binding” and “User Code” ensure the authenticity and traceability of the sourceof information. Currentlythe team is addingalive service function, andaglobal version is expected to launchvery soon.

If the will to help each other is like a small flame, then Jiwubang is the wind that fires it up.This project is aboutlightingup the supply and demand map and workingtogether to help communities fight the epidemic.

  • Project holders :Data Intelligence and Service Collaboration Lab- Schoolof Designof Hunan University
  • Designers :Yidi Zhao, Hanhui Deng, He Xu, Anyu Gang, Weike Du
  • Photo credits: Data Intelligence and Service Collaboration Lab- Schoolof Designof Hunan University