Listen to Pets’ Voices

Listen to Pets’ Voices

When Wuhan was under quarantine because of COVID-19, what happened to all the pets left unattended because their owners couldn’t get home? Thousands of pets died. Now pets, pet owners and pet volunteers all need a solution to get through present and future difficult times.

Rescue unattended pets

The Pets’ Voice PSS aims to provide efficient and convenient services to pet owners who are unable to take care of their pets, temporarily or permanently, due to quarantine. The system helps to connect with volunteers who are willing to rescue pets, professionals or common helpers within the same community.  

Rescue service guidance is provided through an app platform, facilitating transportation, placement, rescue and so on. The app mobilises professional and public power, and allows them to do things within their capability.

After the pandemic, Pets’ Voice will evolve into a pet rescue, custody and mutual assistance platform. Mutual assistance between pet owners could be developed, and the platform will provide paid care services. Whenever a pet owner is unable to return to his home due to unexpected reasons (may be for personal reasons or because of an epidemic), and there is no time to place the pet, Pets’ Voice can operate as usual and help them through the obstacles.

Low-cost social action

The system rates the difficulty of the requests for help. Tasks with certain difficulty or requiring long-distance movement are rated as Grade A (professional volunteers). The platform sorts A-level tasks according to their emergency level and assigns tasks to teams that are close to the location. Simple tasks, activities within a community, are rated as Grade B (community residents assistance). The system matches volunteers and help-seekers according to their location. This low-cost social activity avoids wasting resources of transportation and manpower, all while reducing the risk of infection due to movement of people.

  • Project holders :NU-Desis-Lab, School of Design – Jiangnan University
  • Designers :Jiaqian Mao, Tiny Shi, Xinru Zheng, Ying Yuan
  • Stakeholders : DESIS China
  • Photo credits : NU-Desis-Lab, School of Design – Jiangnan University