Love of Community care

Love of Community care

Due to the isolation caused by the epidemic, vulnerable groups as empty nesters are left unable to adapt to community management, separated from their families and suffering fear and panic. Therefore, a community platform that helps them physically and mentally was designed.

Community care for the weak 

The platform plans to work with family members, community workers, the government, pharmacies, individual businessmen and commercial households to develop an app for vulnerable families, to connect them with community workers through smart hardware —— to create “accompany elves “.

This PSS aims to provide basic living subsidies and psychological services during the epidemic, helping community workers to strengthen the organisation and coordination of their community service work.

After the pandemic the system will continue to work, community workers will pay attention to empty nesters and they will continue to guard them remotely, physically and mentally, so everyone, including the most vulnerable, can have a convenient and secure life.

Multi-platform and timely aid

The “accompany elves” consist of smart speakers with touch screen features on a bracelet. They can use this device for many services, such as material booking, community bulletin, etc., or to chat with community personnel or their own families. At the same time, relatives can monitor the elderly through an “accompanying elves” camera on their mobile phones, anytime and anywhere. If the elderly encounter problems or emergencies, the bracelet sends alarm messages to their family members and/or community workers, so that they are able to check the situation in time.

  • Project holders :NU-Desis-Lab, School of Design – Jiangnan University
  • Designers :Longhao Liang, Xinyang Zhao, Mengjiao Pan, Xuehan Luo
  • Stakeholders : DESIS China