R&D supermarket

POC Englos / Lille Food Experience – LiFE R&D supermarket The project LIFE, Lille Food Experience, aims to bring together a food start-up incubator, an urban farm and a national wholesale market around a supermarket, in order to form a platform for food excellence. The project’s aim is to bring together stakeholders in research, development, Read more about R&D supermarket[…]

What to do where there is almost nothing?

POC Métamorphoses Silencieuses What to do where there is almost nothing? In a prolific and fertile environment, vegetation establishes itself quite quickly, taking advantage of all the available resources and giving beautiful fruits. In a less favourable, neglected, arid or cold environment, the needs are more demanding, requiring more work, carefulness, encounters and exchange … Read more about What to do where there is almost nothing?[…]

One million masks

POC 1MM, Bellorizonte- BR One million masks Should Brazilians wear masks on an everyday basis? Can we imagine Brazilians greeting each other without touching each other? The pandemic is forcing Brazilians to change their habits. Furthermore, in many cities, politicians are making the use of masks compulsory. One million masks (1MM) wants to ensure that all citizens Read more about One million masks[…]

City and citizen speed dating

POC REFILL Match Making, Cluj- RO City and citizen speed dating A service of co-design of public space imagined by the group of urban artists Somes delivery in collaboration with the Office of Road Safety and Highways in the city of Cluj.  Informal education outside the walls co-designed by Zaklad Maker Space with the departments Education, Culture, Read more about City and citizen speed dating[…]

Ephemeral installation for long-term projects…

POC les Beaux Endroits Ephemeral installation for long-term projects… Why organise workshops with the neighbourhood population to design things that will be dismantled after 3 months? The ephemeral installations called “Les Beaux Endroits”are a pretext to trigger collaboration between stakeholders who normally ignore each other and for starting projects between them.  Create desires Les Beaux Endroits, Read more about Ephemeral installation for long-term projects…[…]

Eco-schools of tomorrow…

POC Ecorenov Rev3 Ecoles de demain Eco-schools of tomorrow… Schools are central public places in the life of a neighbourhood. Yet in 50 years, schools have hardly changed. Premises have deteriorated and buildings certainly don’t embody the changes needed to address the climate challenge. How do you take on the massive eco-renovation of schools (more Read more about Eco-schools of tomorrow…[…]

Pedagogy of the student conductor

POC PRéLUDE Pedagogy of the student conductor  “When I went to university, they helped me customise and build my career. I was able to mix learnings from different educational modalities: face-to-face or distance learning. I was able to adjust the timing of the training, speed up or slowdown in order to do internships abroad, pursue Read more about Pedagogy of the student conductor[…]

Municipal public services as link

POC Le service public municipal comme un trait d’union Municipal public services as link Inaugurated in March 2020, Armentières’ new Cultural and Social housing project ‘Trait d’union’offers its users a shared reception comprising multiple public and associative services, gathered in one single place: “We no longer have to go to different sites of the city to make Read more about Municipal public services as link[…]

Co-preserved industrial heritage

POC Verdi ingénierie Co-preserved industrial heritage In 1988, the Chaufferie Huet, a former weaving mill, closed its doors. In 2010, La Madeleine buys this industrial heritage from Carrefour,but it is in very poor shape. Even if this building “exudes La Madeleine’s history” according to Sébastien Leprêtre, the question remains: “Should we save or demolish this heritage? Read more about Co-preserved industrial heritage[…]