Co-preserved industrial heritage

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Co-preserved industrial heritage

In 1988, the Chaufferie Huet, a former weaving mill, closed its doors. In 2010, La Madeleine buys this industrial heritage from Carrefour,but it is in very poor shape. Even if this building “exudes La Madeleine’s history” according to Sébastien Leprêtre, the question remains: “Should we save or demolish this heritage? ». 

A collaborative decision

La Chaufferie Huet is above all a decision, taken collaboratively, to transform this old and forgotten site into an Art, Culture and Entertainment hall, in order to become one of La Madeleine’s pillars of Knowledge. Indeed, in 2012, several exchanges take place between citizens, elected officials, associations and overall qualified people, grouped in an extra-municipal commission in order to position themselves on this developmental project of general municipal interest. A few years later, following the decision to keep the building, Verdi accompanies La Madeleine in the definition of the needs and requirements necessary for the establishment of the program and in view of the future architectural competition. 

Co-creating the future of La Chaufferie

The Chaufferie Huet has definitely put its stamp on the Berkem neighbourhood forever. The associations Berkem Labeland Non-Lieu, by setting up workshops, aspire to reactivate the memory of this abandoned factory, to keep it alive in the present and imagine its development in the future. Within the framework of its studies, Verdibecame acquainted with the different exchanges relating to the conservation or destruction of this heritage. These various testimonies – representatives of local residents’ associations and designers, construction experts, local residents, future users, the Mayor and Verdi as a programmer – express the future of this piece of land. Each in their own way, has actively participated in the co-creation of this facility which will complete the “cultural magic square of La Madeleine”.

  • Project holders :VERDI
  • Designers :Berkem Label, association Non-Lieu
  • Stakeholders : Ville de la Madeleine, T’Kint (architect)
  • Photo credit : VERDI