Pedagogy of the student conductor


Pedagogy of the student conductor 

“When I went to university, they helped me customise and build my career. I was able to mix learnings from different educational modalities: face-to-face or distance learning. I was able to adjust the timing of the training, speed up or slowdown in order to do internships abroad, pursue a double degree, practice sport or start my business “

Knowledge Box & Maker Box

Is it a university course or a student figuring out life? Well, both at the same time: the faculties of the Catholic University of Lille, in partnership with the Polytechnic University of Hauts-de-France are laureates of the PIA 3 New University Courses with the project PRéLUDE (an experiential learning licensed university program). The new pedagogical model and diploma PRéLUDEoffers undergraduates the possibility to co-design their teaching program by articulating a “Knowledge Box” (academic bricks) and a “Maker Box” (experiential bricks). In this “cafeteria pedagogy” students conceive their own menu towards an academic degree or a multidisciplinary university diploma.

Turning students into co-designers of their training programs

Higher education, and in particular the universities that carry out PRéLUDE, are interested in design not so much as a professional path, but as an approach which oozes disruptive innovation, stepping aside and lateral thinking, social and environmental concerns, without putting aside the economic model. Taking design in the broad sense, as an innovative method that listens to uses and triggers co-creation processes between stakeholders, one could say that the undergraduates are driven to “design their own program”. In the face of a world in constant and rapid change, PRéLUDEallows students to envision their career as a project being gradually built, rather than a path to follow, in order to imagine new and emerging jobs rather than choosing amongst the existing ones, to identify the most suitable knowledge and experience blocks in order to be prepared for an uncertain andturbulent future…

  • Porteur de projet/Project holder : Université Catholique de Lille
  • Acteurs/Stakeholders : les Ateliers d’Humanicité et de St Antoine, Labs (Fablab, Learning Lab & MediaLab), HEMISF4IRE Design School de l’Université Catholique de Lille, YnCrea
  • Crédit photo/Photo credit : Université Catholique de Lille