Ephemeral installation for long-term projects…

POC les Beaux Endroits

Ephemeral installation for long-term projects…

Why organise workshops with the neighbourhood population to design things that will be dismantled after 3 months? The ephemeral installations called “Les Beaux Endroits”are a pretext to trigger collaboration between stakeholders who normally ignore each other and for starting projects between them. 

Create desires

Les Beaux Endroits, imagined by the cultural laboratory of La Condition Publique in Roubaix, engages designer artists and architects to reinvest public space.

Campus Gare, for example, is an under-exploited square at the crossroads between the university, the station, shops and the neighbourhood. In a logic of “doing together”, the designer Dométhilde Majek and the architect Matthieu Marty organise workshops with residents, passers-by, shopkeepers and students. 

They listen to them and give shape to their desires. At the same time, photographers Nicolas Lee and Julien Pitinome, with the help of their Afghanbox, shoot portraits of the neighbours. In the end, modules of meeting, taking a break, gardening and faces in large format warm up this cold and empty place…

Bounce on the dynamics

Beyond this temporary upturn, actors who did not know each other met and started working together. The University of Lille, SIA HabitatSEM Ville Renouvelée,La Condition PubliqueSNCF, CROUSand the City of Roubaix are working to make the university more aware of third places and to create artistic offers for the people living around the square. The city of Roubaix organised for the first time on the square an event around furniture called Bal des quartiers centre. Nicolas Lee and Julien Pitinome built a second version of the Afghanboxand several photo campaigns were carried out for the Institute of Photography.

The temporary furniture was dismantled to be used in the gardens of the associations Astuces and Jardin de traverse. 

If “Les Beaux Endroits” is not made to last, it is nevertheless a light icebreaker tool and a great way to give inspiration to stakeholders.

  • Porteur de projet/Project holder : La Condition Publique
  • Designers : Dométhilde Majek – Rives Nord, Matthieu Marty, Julien Pitinome
  • Acteurs/Stakeholders : Université de Lille, SIA Habitat, la SEM Ville Renouvelée, SNCF, CROUS, Ville de Roubaix, Astuces & Jardin de traverse
  • Crédit photo/Photo credit : Nicolas Lee et Rives Nord