Cooking and eating together in Fives

POC Cuisine Commune Cooking and eating together in Fives “In Fives when I was young there was a bar every 20 meters, much more life in the streets, more opportunities to meet each other, today people see each other but talk less”.It’s not easy to build relationships and create a neighbourhood dynamic. Sometimes it’s about Read more about Cooking and eating together in Fives[…]

Reintegration market gardening

POC Culture in the garden Reintegration market gardening In Haubourdin, in the middle of the street Carrières-de-cement full of businesses, in an old quarry, there are almost three hectares dedicated to market gardening and mutual aid. Since 1998,Intervalhas been helping job seekers reintegrate the professional world … by growing vegetables. Culture of earth and culture Read more about Reintegration market gardening[…]

Vulnerable food systems

POC Collective Food Collaboration, Hong Kong- CN Vulnerable food systems What to think about the naturally nutritious farm products found in stores, or the opposite, spoiled fruit turned to waste in landfills? Covid-19 revealed the fragility of our global fresh food supply chain and the need to rethink local farms, in order to build resilient food systems: to Read more about Vulnerable food systems[…]

Craft-of-green mind

POC Art of Green Mind Craft-of-green mind Are you concerned by the current discreet consumption taking place? The general mysophobia has given rise to possible future environmental pitfalls. There is a need to rethink the way we live in regard to today’s physical distancing measures, but mostly in order to anticipate scenarios of more sustainable consumption Read more about Craft-of-green mind[…]

Food Citizenship: Post-pandemic Food Resilience Policy Design

POC Transitional Food Program, Bangkok- TH Food Citizenship: Post-pandemic Food Resilience Policy Design A Transitional Food Program by the Thai Health Promotion Foundation The COVID-19 pandemic represents an undeniable risk for future food security. Preventive healthcare involves active citizenship, immunity and resilience. How can food policy design enable food citizenship, not only for this pandemic, but for Read more about Food Citizenship: Post-pandemic Food Resilience Policy Design[…]

Sustainable school meals for green and healthy local food systems

POC URBACT Biocanteens Transfer Network, Mouans-Sartoux – FR Sustainable school meals for green and healthy local food systems For those familiar with Asterix comics, Mouans-Sartoux could be compared to a small sustainable city, surrounded by the rather unsustainable French Riviera, where it’s all about real estate interest, high pressure on land use and mass tourism.  At the core Read more about Sustainable school meals for green and healthy local food systems[…]

Gardening collaboration between neighbours

POC Jardins familiaux Quartier Faubourg à Béthune Gardening collaboration between neighbours “We want a garden that is unlike any other garden in Lille”,declaresGeorges, a resident of the Faubourg de Béthune neighbourhood. Georges, Guislaine, Alexandra, Hervé, Ahmed and all the citizensparticipating in the process, wishabove allto:“forge links between neighbours”, “reachchildren who neverleave theirhouse”, “exchangetheirknow-how and activatehidden resources.” Shared intergenerational garden Located at the foot of somebuildings, Read more about Gardening collaboration between neighbours[…]

Campus ZEN, Zero Net Emission!

Poc Rues végétalisées Campus ZEN, Zero Net Emission! It is a growing movement: more and more cities want to vegetate public spaces and encourage citizen initiatives to reintroduce biodiversity into the city. Nature is important for everyone: not only for the pleasure of the eyes, but also to build cities that are able to withstand Read more about Campus ZEN, Zero Net Emission![…]

Nourishing city

POC Villeneuve d’Ascq Ville Nourricière Nourishing city In order to respond to the climate challenge and fight excessive minerality, preserve large landscape continuities and enhance biodiversity, Villeneuve d’Ascq is designing a nourishing city for its citizens. Agricultural areas are no longer just variables for adjustment to the needs of urban development or simple land to Read more about Nourishing city[…]