Cooking and eating together in Fives

POC Cuisine Commune Cooking and eating together in Fives “In Fives when I was young there was a bar every 20 meters, much more life in the streets, more opportunities to meet each other, today people see each other but talk less”.It’s not easy to build relationships and create a neighbourhood dynamic. Sometimes it’s about Read more about Cooking and eating together in Fives[…]


POC CycLab Lego-bike “I’m a deliveryman and I carry out the last miles by bike.” “I’m a home-based hairdresser and I travel by cargo bike.” “And I’m a bulk grocer and I do ambulant sales in a delivery tricycle.” In the current congestion context of cities such as Lille, many entrepreneurs turn to soft mobility, Read more about Lego-bike[…]

A green hillock to relax with family

POC Hiding places and adventures’ edge A green hillock to relax with family How do you transform a green and wooded hillock into a child and family friendly space, allowing them to have fun and fostering creativity? How do you visualise and strengthen the links between Ferme d’en Haut and its surrounding environment? How do you make Read more about A green hillock to relax with family[…]

Realconnections within the virtual world

POC Grajaú Colla, Rio- BR Realconnections within the virtual world  How mightwe cultivate trust during social isolation times? How can small businesses be supported through this pandemic? What about acollaborative platform that maintains solidarity and connects producers and buyers? Collaborativeness, people and service geolocalisation  GrajaúCollabis a participatory mapping that aims toidentify small businesses and volunteers in the Grajaúneighbourhood, Rio de Janeiro (Brazil), during the Coronavirus pandemic. Read more about Realconnections within the virtual world[…]

Urban Civic Use Regulation

POC Lost&Found, Napoli- IT Urban Civic Use Regulation  In Italy, Naples’ City Council good practice aims to guarantee collective enjoyment of common goods such as water, public services, schools, knowledge, cultural and natural heritage, and their preservation for the benefit of future generations through a public government that allows fair use. The core of these policy instruments Read more about Urban Civic Use Regulation[…]