POC CycLab


“I’m a deliveryman and I carry out the last miles by bike.”

“I’m a home-based hairdresser and I travel by cargo bike.”

“And I’m a bulk grocer and I do ambulant sales in a delivery tricycle.”

In the current congestion context of cities such as Lille, many entrepreneurs turn to soft mobility, transforming their bikes into commercial vehicles or even movable shops.

Equipping entrepreneurs with bikes

The projectCycLab’, developed by the design agency Unistudioand the brand Twelve Cycles,aims at promoting these responsible initiatives and support the launch of individual companies.

Their solution is to simplify the access to adaptive cycling equipment, in line with the specific needs of a variety of professions: deliveries, at-home services, sales, catering, events…

Resulting in an array of accessories for cargo bikes, ranging from storage boxes, to stand shelters, to worktops, to hook locations, to lights and communication, all are designed to be adaptable to one another.


Particular attention waspaid to the ease-of-assembly of the elements, so that they would beeasily removable.It is a rather relevant feature for multipurposeactivites: collecting packagesin the morning,sellingin the afternoon and carryingchildren duringweekends,for example!

It alsoenablespotential vehiclepooling between professionals, each person owningtheir own equipment,but sharingabike. A first prototype will be tested in real-life,as part of Lille World Design Capital 2020,in order to collect user feedback and further define thenew concept.

  • Porteurs de projet/Project holders :Unistudio
  • Designers :Adrien Ciejak, Pierre Feyrit, Antoine Leclercq, Pierre Masset, Paul-EtienneMéligne, Emeline Surgé
  • Acteurs/Stakeholders : Double cycles
  • Crédits photo / photo credit : Unistudio