A green hillock to relax with family

POC Hiding places and adventures’ edge

A green hillock to relax with family

How do you transform a green and wooded hillock into a child and family friendly space, allowing them to have fun and fostering creativity? How do you visualise and strengthen the links between Ferme d’en Haut and its surrounding environment? How do you make the city’s citizens and leisure facilities’ users become actors of their environment?

Combined outdoor spaces

The project Hiding places and adventures’ edgeaims to develop a family area for relaxation and play, in the courtyard of Ferme d’en Haut,along with creating a visual connection with outside and partner structures.

In 2016, Chaplin Reception and Leisure Centerand La Ferme d’en Haut, two cultural facilities in Villeneuve d’Ascq, joined forces to create a development project of both their complementary outdoor spaces. At the backside of La Ferme d’en Haut, you will find a  courtyard and a garden, whose outline has somehow faded. Within the Chaplin Center,the facilitation team is willing to make good use of its great landscape potential.

A sustainable and participatory approach

Collectif des Saprophytes conducted an initial study on both sites. They established a list of recommendations on possible futures by incorporating user’s opinions, children included, and imagined various meeting and discussion points during the study. Regarding the project Hiding places and adventures’ edge, the collective suggested that it becomes a special play area for children, with, for example, slides installed on the hill, original and custom-made climbing supports… Collectif Faubourg 132 then helped La Ferme d’en Haut formulate their intent and tangible ideas, along with writing the design brief, in order to be prepared for the participative conception and production of the future developments. 

  • Porteurs de projet/Project holders :La Ferme d’en Haut
  • Designers : Collectif des Saprophytes, collectif Faubourg 132
  • Acteurs/Stakeholders : Centre d’Accueil et de Loisirs Chaplin, Ville de Villeneuve d’Ascq 
  • Crédits photo / photo credits : La Ferme d’en Haut