To see the air quality

POC Trinum Lilliad – Université de Lille To see the air quality How can visitors make the best use of public buildings? Could they be given information that helps them decide what to do there, and how? What kind of data on the environment offered by the building would be needed to adapt their own Read more about To see the air quality[…]

Design for Emergency

POC Design for Emergency, Boston- US Design for Emergency Can design promptly respond to a global crisis through a human-centred approach? How can designers collaborate to develop meaningful products and services addressing the fears, hopes, and needs that characterise this historical moment? Design for Emergency provides a data + design platform tolearn, act,anddesigna new normality, together. Understanding people’s Read more about Design for Emergency[…]

Second left after the dragonfly: who lives in your neighbourhood?

POC Biodimètre Second left after the dragonfly: who lives in your neighbourhood? Whether it is ordinary or extraordinary, biodiversity today is hardly known to the citizens, walkers and other visitors of the neighbourhood Rives de la Haute-Deûle. Measuring biodiversity to raise awareness about the neighbourhood How could citizens be made aware of the neighbourhood ‘s Read more about Second left after the dragonfly: who lives in your neighbourhood?[…]

Hydrological communities in the city

POC Brusseau, Bruxelles- BE Hydrological communities in the city Faced with tensions in water management that often oppose citizens and city administrations (urbanisation neglecting hydrography; constructions in flood-prone areas; systematic waterproofing of surfaces and excessive densification in the city; lack of means and consideration for decentralised management practices; etc.), the project BRUSSEAU, financed within the framework of Read more about Hydrological communities in the city[…]

Let’s explore Lille’s hidden side!

POC Insolille Let’s explore Lille’s hidden side! Cities, we live in them, we travel through them and in many cases, we have been walking through them for several years without ever having explored other neighbourhoods. Citizens, do you really think you know your city? Tourists, don’t you feel likeyou are missing out the very essence of the city you are visiting? What if there was a Read more about Let’s explore Lille’s hidden side![…]

Residents a la carte!

POC Cart’ier Residents a la carte! The project Cart’ier, developed in 2016 by associations Interphaz and Nasdac, generated the first tourist and heritage map of the neighbourhoods of Fives and Hellemmes. Today, the map is still being used by its residents, going from schoolteachers to neighbourhood associative structures. It holds a strong intention: strengthening social links in Read more about Residents a la carte![…]

Telling memories to build the future…

POC Raconte-moi Berkem La Madeleine Telling memories to build the future… “A local resident showed us the pictures she took every day of the demolition of the old factory in front of her house. Listening to the people in the workshops, you discover treasures. When you go through the neighbourhood, you may think that there Read more about Telling memories to build the future…[…]

Let’s map factory chimneys together!

POC Participatory Chimney Mapping Let’s map factory chimneys together! “The region’s chimneys are a reminder, a testimony of the past “for Jean-Claude, a passer-by from Tourcoing. Omnipresent at the beginning of last century, today only a meagre legacy is left of these “giants of work”,whose history and future prospects remain still unknown to the general public. All the testimonies, consultations and studies Read more about Let’s map factory chimneys together![…]