Residents a la carte!

POC Cart’ier

Residents a la carte!

The project Cart’ier, developed in 2016 by associations Interphaz and Nasdac, generated the first tourist and heritage map of the neighbourhoods of Fives and Hellemmes. Today, the map is still being used by its residents, going from schoolteachers to neighbourhood associative structures. It holds a strong intention: strengthening social links in disadvantaged neighbourhoods through participatory mapping.

Participatory and social mapping

Supported by the City, the Region and the Fondation de France, Cart’ierhas reached many local audiences and has been recognised as a real asset for discussing neighbourhoods. In 2017, it received the Jury Prize at the Trophées de la Concertation.

But since 2016, the neighbourhood has evolved, and so it seemed legitimate to reinvigorate Cart’ierin this economically and socially rapidly changing territory. As a result, Interphaz has been selected to shed new light on the project.

Signage by and for the residents

The purpose of the relaunch is to deepen the use of the participatory map as a catalyst for developing social links, shaping active citizenship and integrating remote populations into urban life.

Together with the collective of designers Les Gens Géniaux, Interphaz aims to co-construct, with the inhabitants and users of Cart’ier,a themed staking in the city’s streets, taking the map as a starting point. This projection of the map in the urban space will be supported by workshops, open to everyone: what places should be highlighted in the city? What type of signage should be used? Which route should be chosen for staking?

The signage setting-up will be followed by a festive stroll through the city’s streets. It’s the opportunity to mark the reinvigoration of the map, but also of the neighbourhood of Fives, now becoming a new metropolitan destination.

  • Porteur de projet/Project holder : Association Interphaz
  • Designer : Les Gens Géniaux
  • Crédit photo/Photo credit : Les Gens Géniaux