Telling memories to build the future…

POC Raconte-moi Berkem La Madeleine

Telling memories to build the future…

“A local resident showed us the pictures she took every day of the demolition of the old factory in front of her house. Listening to the people in the workshops, you discover treasures. When you go through the neighbourhood, you may think that there is indifference. Yet examples like this one show the opposite, people who pay attention to places, to their evolution and keep memories of the past…”

Sensitive map

The project for a participatory mapping of the neighbourhood of Berkem, in the city of La Madeleine, aims to talk and make people talk about the industrial past, but also about the renovations, of the city. How do the people who live in this neighbourhood (or pass through it or return to it) inhabit it, shape it? How do they remember it and how do they tell it? 

The cartography proposes a sensitive vision between past memories and lived present. A way for everyone to take ownership of the neighbourhood’s evolutions and to project themselves into the future!

An opportunity to make something together 

This cartography, carried by the association Vivacité and accompanied by the designer Dométhilde Majek, started in January with a walk under a bright sun! It was followed by meetings with locals, workshops with the Victor Hugo primary school, a workshop in Acoljaq and then a joyful barbecue on the banks of the Deûle. While awaiting September to finish it with the citizens, the project has advanced remotely during the confinement. The cartography should be presented to the public on October 4, 2020 in the Maison POC Collaborative City.

  • Porteur de projet/Project holder : VivaCitéS Hauts-de-France
  • Designer : Dométhilde Majek – Rives Nord
  • Acteurs/Stakeholders : association Berkem Label, Acoljaq, école Rostand, ville de La Madeleine, habitants et usagers du quartier de Berkem / residents and users of the Berkem neighbourhood
  • Crédit photo/Photo credit : Rives Nord