Speculations On A Pandemic

Barcelona- ES Speculations On A Pandemic COVID-19 took us all by surprise. How do we come to terms with the abrupt changes forced upon us by confinement? How can we deflect its paralysing effects on our lives and minds, and turn it into a creative force instead? This project confronts fears, doubts and concerns by formalising Read more about Speculations On A Pandemic[…]

Towards a new normal

Malmö- SE Towards a new normal Which kind of values and initiatives might allow communities to better deal with crises? How could these cultures be nurtured and supported? This project explores the principles and structures that support cultures of resilience and resilient cultural scenes.   A collaborative urban exploration The project aims to understanding what kind of Read more about Towards a new normal[…]

Cities inspiring each other

Cities inspiring each other You wish to improve or change local policies You want to share and exchange knowledge with other European cities working on the same problems/ challenges as your city does Your city wants to develop a Local Action Plan to tackle a local problem or face a specific challenge You want to Read more about Cities inspiring each other[…]

Driving transition between cities

POC La Fabrique des Transitions Driving transition between cities « La Fabrique des Transitions » stems from the capitalisation of different territories’ experiences – in particular the cities of Loos-en-Gohelle, Le Mené, Malaunay and Grande Synthe – that have demonstrated over several decades an ability to lead change with tangible results. It has made it possible to identify Read more about Driving transition between cities[…]

Going beyond the rails

POC The station of tomorrow Going beyond the rails 100,000 people go through the Lille Flandres station every day, yet its traffic is one of the newest in France. What do today’s users expect from tomorrow’s stations? How can this multifaceted complex matter contribute to facilitating user mobility, favour urban planning, offer new services through Read more about Going beyond the rails[…]

Collaboration between cities

POC DESIGN IN Collaboration between cities “When I was young, all the shops were busy… today, everything is closing, you can’t find a thing! People go to shopping centers or order online now.” How might design intervene and change this situation? What good practices might other cities be able to share on the issue? Re-designingcitycentres The projectDESIGN Read more about Collaboration between cities[…]