Unlimited mobility

POC Oke Charge

Unlimited mobility

42% of French people are reluctant to use electric vehicles byfear of having a breakdown1. Moreover, 95% of today’s battery recharges are done at home and,in most cases,a simple domestic socket is used. However, knowing that one in fiveFrench people doesn’t have private parking, accessibility and easy rechargeremain a big issue!

Public domestic sockets

Oke Charge is a refillservice for electric vehicles, based on the sharing economymodel. How does it work? Well, it’s very simple: Oke Chargeprovides a boxto be installed that allowsyou to control any power socketremotely. These sockets are then made availableto everyone, thanks tothe Oke Chargemobile app.

A classic win-win system! Wherever the traveller is, he’s guaranteed to be able to charge his electric vehicle at a reasonable price. As for the individuals and professionals providingthesocket, theyquickly amortise the installationthanks to the benefits received.

5 million sockets required

To reduce the environmental impact of transport, the government is committed to developing electric mobility. A recent study2revealsthat to support this development, 5 million additional chargepoints would be neededon the territory. Especiallynormal charge points (maximum 16A). Oke Charge therefore comes forwardas an efficient solution. Unlike existing charging networks, this service allowsvery rapid networkingandincludesrural areas.

The need isrealandthe market holdshighpotential. Oke Chargeis a solution that makes sense, effective for the deployment of electric mobility, and contributing to the territory’s development.

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  2. Étude “Infrastructures de recharge pour véhicules électriques“ juillet 2019
  • Porteurs de projet/Project holders :Les Acrobates, Marc Bony, Lionel Doyen, Aymar de la Mettrie
  • Designers : Les Acrobates, Marc Bony, Lionel Doyen
  • Acteurs/Stakeholders : HDFID (Hauts-de-FranceInnovation développement), WLD Consulting,Fablab Lille,Euratechnologie Lille
  • Crédits photo / photo credits : Les Acrobates, Marc Bony, Lionel Doyen, Aymar de la Mettrie