Let’s create our landscape together

POC Landscape Design

Let’s createour landscape together

How can we bringnature back tothe centre of urban projects? How might weset up a horizontal approach,wherein decisions are put in the hands of users? As citizens, we would like to be involvedin our neighbourhood’surban planning, especially if we live in territories undergoing changeor peri-urban areas where nature is still present. 

Let’s conceive allotmentsdifferently

Instead of followingthe usual regulatory and financial scheme, imposed on citizens, the PuR group, made up of architects, designers and scenographers, suggestsan opposite approach: tostart fromthe original design of thespace, in order to createa harmonious landscape between rurality and urbanity that respects the site’s authenticity and promotes living together. In Wattignies, in the south of Lille, two co-construction workshops with neighbourhood inhabitants allow to sketch thecontinuity of the green and blue grid by connecting the gardens of asame allotment together.

Citizens, cre-actors of the project

In order to get away from traditionalurban planning based on a succession of autarkic private plots, the workshops explore the hypothesis of garden fundmutualisation: creating anopen passage, from one plot to another, to createa common garden. Each family keepspart of their private garden that opens onto a larger space of nature. Apathway, going from thebottom of one garden to another, offers the neighbourhood’s inhabitants a relaxing walk, along with thecontinuity of green space,favourable to biodiversity. Thanks to this horizontal co-design approach, urban planningdevelopment puts forward the creativityof users, who become thus actors of their own well-being.

  • Porteurs de projet/Project holders :Louis-Marie Dumon,Olivier Van-Poucke,Louis-Philippe Blervacque- Groupe PuR
  • Designers :Christophe François
  • Acteurs/Stakeholders : JoëlVene, Blandine Fraissé, Martial Damarey, ChloéSchmidt, Thierry Lefebvre, Alain Bizeul, Claude Lenglet, Yves Hocquet, Pierre Durand, Anne Duriez, Kevin Carneau, Johan Martin, Charlotte Vouters, Alexis Dumon, Jean-Pierre Beghin
  • Crédits photo / photo credits :Groupe PuR