Promoting communal wellbeing through collaboration

Jeannie Rabearinaivo and Bylitis Leibovici Promoting communal wellbeing through collaboration Would it be possible to imagine, to create innovative spaces in order to impulse cooperation between people ?  Facilitating the process of « living-together » is the ambition of « third-places », new collaborative spaces. « A new form of individualisation has been affecting Western societies for the past 20 or Read more about Promoting communal wellbeing through collaboration[…]

The Collaborative City, post-confinement?

In Vilnius, a team of public officials and volunteers call everyday hundreds of elderly people confined alone to their homes. Nantes is increasing the number of food distribution centres to help the most vulnerable. Krakow provides free psychological consultations by phone. Cluj-Napoca organises its Municipal Council’s sessions on an online platform open to citizens. In Read more about The Collaborative City, post-confinement?[…]

RE_NDEZ-VOUS a confined POC that doesn’t wait until September!

Yesterday we announced the launch of the online Maison Collaborative City. Thank you to all those who gave us updates: the POC are of course at a standstill, as confirmed for example by Béatrice Auxent, from the Berkem Label association: the construction site of the Chaufferie Huet, which is to host the Collaborative City, will Read more about RE_NDEZ-VOUS a confined POC that doesn’t wait until September![…]